Recharging your body with Reiki

We pile up our body with toxicity – toxic thoughts, negative thinking, processed foods and more. Disease is a natural result of all the toxicity that has been allowed to build up. Toxicity is not just about wrong eating. Negative thinking, depression along with toxicity from certain foods and drugs as well as toxicity from the environment all add to the build up in the body. This leaves the body drained and underpowered.

This weakens the balanced state of the body and an unbalanced body is a magnet for infection and disease. Overload and stress weakens the energy flow in the body. This energy flow can be strengthened by self effort: blockages in the nerves can be eliminated and the flow of energy can be increased.

So where does one start? Right from the beginning – the chakras. Chakras are energy centres located within the physical body. A healthy chakra spins without any blocks and results in a peaceful and healthy state of mind and body. There are seven main chakras that affect the functioning of the body. Each chakra has certain glands and organs that is affected by the chakra. A block or an imbalance in a chakra spills over to the organs or glands that fall within the periphery of the chakra. For example the throat chakra affects the thyroid gland, throat, neck, mouth, teeth, gums, ears and the eosophagus. A block in the throat chakra can result in an ailment in any of these organs. Opening up the chakras, gets the life energy to flow freely in the body. Free flowing energy leaves no room for blocks that preventing disease.

So how does one connect with this energy. Reiki lets the reiki healer be a channel of energy. The reiki practitioner is not the source of energy but the channel through which reiki is directed to where it is needed. Through reiki we can restore balance in our bodies by tapping into this abundant life force. Reiki directs this universal energy to where it is needed. A reiki session will leave you recharged as the block is removed and energy starts to flow freely and reach all the body parts.

StellaMuse Reiki is ideal also for stress reduction and to promote healing; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Birthday Party for kids

Birthday’s are a time of fun, joy and a lot of activity. Managing a handful of kids and entertaining them can be quite some task. A birthday party is about games and good food. For a successful party try and outsource one of these as there is no way you can handle a bundleful of energy and whip up a fantastic meal together. The Oxford, located on Street Leederville, holds kids parties and you might want to look at a place like this for the party and catering and leave the fun and games for yourself. In addition The Oxford CockTail Function Venue exudes a cosy, rustic charm, which you experience from the moment you enter the front lounge which wraps around a unique sunken cellar with original limestone walls and timbered ceiling. Step up to the main bar or wander outside to the Brickworks Garden Bar and Café, Perth’s only fully enclosed Garden Bar.

For a successful birthday party stick with finger foods that the kids can pick up and eat by themselves. Kids love eating finger foods especially where they get a chance to dip things first. The place where you hold the birthday will provide you with numerous options of food and drinks. Stick with the golden rule – choose food that is easy to pick up and drinks that do not require too much fuss. You do need to reserve your energy (and sanity) for the games.

Plan the games before hand. If the party has a mix of different age groups, then some games like the musical chairs, passing the candy, freeze work really well as they can be played with any age group and do not require specific talents. If the kids are slightly older, try the balloon burst where you tie baloons on each child’s ankle and then ask all the children to burt each other’s balloon. The last one with a balloon is the winner. Not only do kids love to stamp the balloons, the process of stamping expends all that energy and gives you a little respite for quite some time.

Another fun game that can be done with a mix of age groups is the pin the tail on the donkey. This can be varied to pin the eyeball, add the pendant etc. Basically all kids are blindfolded and then asked to pin the tail on the picture of a donkey. The person closest to the real spot wins.

So go ahead and enjoy the birthday party and leave the food and drinks to those who can manage it well.

Start your own cupcake place

Are you the kind of person who loves to whip up yummy goodies especially cakes and cupcakes that young and old both love. Take a leaf from the “two broke girls” and start thinking about setting up your own cupcake place. With options of online orders and deliveries the whole cupcake business seems to be really easy. If you are thinking about operating from home, keep in mind that as per cottage food regulations and laws that cottage food products have to be sold face to face within your own state. This means that as a home baker you may not have the option of going online. Understand the legal implications before you decide on what kind of a business suits you.

Once you take care of the legalities, like finding the right name, making a claim for the name, then you are pretty much on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. For the legal issues contact a renowned firm that will guide you correctly. After all you don’t want to mess with what you do not know. Steinepreis Paganin Business Lawyers based in Perth, offer clients specialised and comprehensive advice on a range of corporate, energy and resources and commercial matters.

What are the legal concerns that you can have? Some places insist on a food handling license as well as a separate kitchen. Again the additional services like online orders, catering will have different legal implications. You will also need to know which department is actually regulating the food or the cupcake business and get the formalities completed accordingly.

Find out if laws are different for different zones. The local authority can help you with this. Marketing laws for putting up signage and other marketing material may also be prohibited in certain residential areas.

Check on the baking laws – do you need to rent a commercial kitchen for baking cupcakes or does the law allow you to bake at home. For renting there are a number of options – schools, churches or even some restaurants are willing to rent you some time in their kitchen.

Do your homework right before setting out. Or just get in touch with a legal firm to take care of the legalities.